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Zip Tie Grafts



Due to fresh grafts being broken off by Cockatoos, we had to develop a method to try to strengthen them to resist the weight factor so we came up with this method of grafting. It is simple and quick plus gives the graft extra bonding, basically you do a slant cut as per a normal graft  but use 3(or as many as you need) zip ties to hold the graft together, I place the centre one first, just put a zip tie on the cut branch and start the zip then add the new tip section, position the zip in the middle of the graft and zip it up but not too hard, just  enough to hold the graft while attaching the other ties. I place the top one next and close the zip then do the bottom one, if you pull them to tight the graft can slip from the pressure so you need to adjust it slowly till all 3 are tight. Then you take a piece of grafting tape and lock it at the bottom(as per the grafting technique I have shown before this one), then wrap the tape between the zips and up over the end cut then you can bring it back down and over the end of the bottom cut and tie it off. I find the up and down once is enough but if you want you can do more layers as long as the grafted frangipani is not in the sun as this will cause too much condensation under the tape and possible rot.  The graft is usually taken within a few weeks but for safety yopu can leave the tape on for a couple of monthsm just ma\ke sure that no water gets anywhere near it. If there is shrinkage in the grafted section you can just zip the ties a bit tighter as needed, I r4emove the ties when the wood starts to swell near the zips, usually several months after it is done, if you are still unsure you can cut the zips and do a quick wrap with tape for your own piece of mind. The zips give an excellent bond and speed up the process, you can also do grafts the normal way and add the zips over the top of the tape as security and extra bonding, with a bit of experimenting you will sort out the best way for you.

Here is the cut, the 3 ties placed and the tape done with the ties cut, a very simple process.